Year Of The D​-​g (Demo)


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First Demo


released September 19, 2011

Peter Marsh: Drums, Bass, Vocals
Cameron Smith: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Ricky Williford: Trumpet
Tyler Moore: Bass



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WAR PARTY Fort Worth, Texas

Cameron Smith-Guitar & Vocals
Peter Marsh-Drums
Tyler Moore-Bass
Ricky Williford-Guitar, Piano & Trumpet
Chris Waldon-Organ & Trombone

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Track Name: Problem Solver
Our lips were red, our hands were led
to passing back and forth a revolver
one on one russian roulette
fell into your bed and then out of your bed
like a real "problem solver"
and I felt like a crushed rat
getting pulled out of the arms of a mousetrap
then crushed once again
by the insignificance of my death and thus life.
So I'll just sulk here until I rot,
in the bottom of your kitchen trash can
and once the smell is gone I'll be forgot
and you'll continue your affair with the garbage man

Oh how sad, how truly fucking tragic
that no tragedy has ever taken place here before
when we were so sure that this stress was post traumatic.
Crawlin' into a heart-shaped trojan horse;
we never could make love like we could war.
Oh wait a minute Mr. Postman!
Didn't you see this coming?
Wait a minute! What kind of man delivers a letter like that
and then just takes off running?
Let it rot in the mailbox
and maybe someday he'll come back.
You can place your final bet on True Love
like its just another horse at the track
and all of your dreams will do nothing
but watch you sleep.
Track Name: Royal Wedding
Go put on makeup, go whiten your teeth
you're gonna break a leg, he's going to take a knee
you got a show to put on, baby, admission isn't cheap
"Something borrowed, something blue" all eyes on you-- I got a front row seat!
You wanted fine china, wanted candlesticks
while his mind was on something that rhymes with that shit
its likely that's the closest it came to meaning anything to him
so when you take that bow...just stay down there for a while
Yeah, exchange those vows: 30 day free trial!
And we can fuck until grow old. We can fuck to start a family,
we can grip a household, spawn our own offspring.
and with the same organs, we can split that shit in two,
a part for me, a part for you
Everything borrowed and blue.
So you made it, Was it an easy choice?
Did she offer you anything but that pretty voice and all its lies?
Oh, I don't think that I can accept
but if you insist just leave it on my doorstep
I'll forget and it'll cause me to trip
and I'll fall down my stoop and I'll break my nose
I'll drop all my change at the goD fight between my ego and my ego
and when the doorbell rings think "oh hell, it's my ego again"
Its a fight that you can't lose, and you can't win.
We can fuck until grow old. We can fuck to start a family,
we can grip a household, spawn our own offspring.
and with the same organs, we can split that shit in two,
a part for me, a part for you
Everything borrowed and blue
(If you only say "I do.")
I drive to work and I pass 3 dozen streets that I've never turned down
cause they're not for me
and anyways I suspect that I know how they all end:
mortgages, marriages and cul-de-sacs--different words for "dead end".
then on the final mile, making decent time to think"there's not much
I can do with these musician friends of mine except maybe make some noise,
stumble to the edge of this dizzy earth and laugh into the void.
Make a drunken mess of the sanctity in the modern world.
Track Name: Year Of The Dog
Since 1988
At least once
every year
I throw myself a party just cause
I'm still here
Yeah, I've never missed a one
cause I believe in tradition.
And if it seems to you there's
a certain enthusiasm that I'm missing
I hope you'll bare in mind
why I left it behind
Everything's bitter in Texas,
a giant state full of exes
and ohhhs and "oh no!"s
Everything's bitter in Texas,
where they read the bible like a checklist
and I've been told if there's a hell below
we all deserve to go
So I up and left my soul
somewhere out on the road
and it's still wandering, still kicking cans
and giving dirty looks to old folk homes
cause we know this is the future that was left for us
and isn't worth the rent to cope
with the story of mankind so far.
Yeah, I caught the plot like a cold.
Track Name: Beginner's Luck
John and Jackie in their tower alone
just wonderin' what to do
with their wedding gifts
and their swollen red lips
and the pieces of their party, too.
Did he love her enough
Did she let him enough?
is that all there was to this affair?
A bottle of wine, a few sertraline
some sweaty fingers in her hair--
a love beyond repair.
But I know that they really want to make it in this world alone
Don't want a house, don't want a spouse, don't want a prayer,
don't want a job, don't want a car, don't want a trunk
A doctor or accountant or lawyer, just beginner's luck.
You could be particle dust on the radiowaves
long after your body is gone
and if you're not careful who you leave your estate to
coca-cola may one day own all of your songs.
Ziggy & Darby swore to just 5 years
but only one of 'em really told the truth.
Isn't it wild to think that you're wildest dreams
might be wild enough to finish you?
This machine kills artists, too!
but you know that you don't really want to make it in this world alone
You want a staff to prepare your food,
you want an audience whose eyes are stuck
and a stack of dead presidents, too.
You want beginner's luck.
Sitting stoned in my room alone
clumsy fingers plucking out a tune
to the crowded cafe static on my cellular phone,
a sort of rhapsody in Klein blue.
Uh oh! Woah oh!
Track Name: Rendezvous Motel
Chasing down a nighttime lady,
working for a downtime man.
They say "You can't buy my love--
well, not with a payment plan."
She said, "You wanna go for a ride?
How easy do you scare?"
He says, "You never know but lets go,
downtown is full of squares."
Fingers in her hair with both eyes on the fare.

Next morning they watch the sun come up
she strikes a match and lights up another one.
and through the smoke she says,

"that innocence of childhood,
the innocent are no more.
nah, the truly innocent
had better sense than to be born
into your test tube culture,
into your mall parking lots,
dodging dizzy shopping carts
stumbling to find a spot
and hoping they got something inside somebody else wants.

Oh Hank! Their world is full of whores
money, drunks and cops
until the last bomb drops."
Can't they hear 'em knocking at their hotel door?
Can't you hear 'em knocking
at your hotel door?
Oh, what the hell is a don't disturb sign for?
Track Name: Backdoor Blues
Snuck in through the backdoor, the TV was on and she was blue in the face
the static spoke like a voice, it told me that 'stale is an acquired taste.'
She slept through most of the night time and I slept through most of the day
sometimes we'd go out to lunch but mostly just in the figurative way
But honey don't be so scared of your heart being broken,
how in the hell else do you expect it to ever be opened?
-I found G-d (once or twice) but then I lost Them again
while I was chasing down shadows with Lot's wife and friends
All the clever tricks screamed over my shoulder words like, "Don't look back"
Turned to a pillar of Salt, clinging to the past like it's the mouth of a shot glass.
But I don't want to start over, I don't buy into bullshit new beginnings
No, I know quite well some day I'll die and the earth will keep on spinning.
-Empty or full. You'd have to pick a side to even tell the difference
but I can see that you're the kind of girl who plays favorites
I guess in the end I'll go ahead and let you in
Yeah, I guess in the end it's the same message left in every bottle: Empty.