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Recorded at Cloudland with Markus Midkiff. Mixed and Mastered by Markus Midkiff and Britt Robisheaux.


Closing out, capping off
The jangle of keys
The sweet release
Of jutting bone

And here in my palm
Is a piece and a light
The ticket price
Of an easy mind
A nail of light which
Pierces the heel of night
Through ceremonial tropes

Leaves an empty tomb
the size of a baby tooth
Bleeding in strobes

A Crying fire that swallowed it all
Before it finally choked

If there was nothing before maybe there'll be nothing after
Laugh until you're sore
Pure destroyer, natural disaster

Can you remember before you were ever born?
Did you gather the dust that synchronized to form
That body you wear
That keeps growing hair
Where you didn't tell it to?

Like a thurible swinging past a crown
The pendulum fixed
Yet the scent surrounds
With a mind of its own
And no beliefs to prove
No sanctity to uphold

Except the very kind which can't be denied
And can't be bestowed;

To live and die,
Struggle and stride
Carve and erode

If there was nothing before maybe there'll be nothing after
Laugh until you're sore
Pure Destroyer, natural disaster

The street light is on for the first night In months
Through my glasses it reached like a Rising Sun
But then it flickered out
Like a faith in doubt
Like the words on my tongue

I'll just lay on the couch
Stare at the ceiling
And talk to no one

Swallow these pills
Get these prescriptions filled
And get back to work


released November 27, 2016
Digital sales of this track will be donated to the protestors fighting at Standing Rock to keep the DAPL out of their land.



all rights reserved


WAR PARTY Fort Worth, Texas

Cameron Smith-Guitar & Vocals
Peter Marsh-Drums
Tyler Moore-Bass
Ricky Williford-Guitar, Piano & Trumpet
Chris Waldon-Organ & Trombone

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